purposeful Styling

for professionals of substance


Your style is your message. Add an exclamation point to it.



you are value-driven, sophisticated and accomplished.

You love your profession, and you have a mission. You are curious, you care about people. You know the world is vast, and you want to make it better.  



you are not showing up as who you are and what you are about.

As a professional with deep commitments, far-reaching enterprises and diverse audiences, you know that the way you show up is crucial.

You may think that style is frivolous or difficult to get right, or you may have no time for it, but you know how important it is that your appearance communicates you fully.  



Be genuine, confident and on point in substance and style.

I help you identify and embody the style that conveys your personality and professional stature so that you are can expand your mission and realize your aspirations.