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I am a different kind of stylist. 

Along with my artistic eye and knowledge of fashion, I bring analytical and social expertise to a field with superficial associations. I work on style with substance. I bridge different worlds.

Growing up in Buenos Aires, I became a natural stylist at an early age. I went on to a career in political science, studying for my doctorate in New York City, and later lived in Florence, Rome, Berlin and Beirut, where I pursued my two passions: I studied and promoted citizen empowerment, diversity and inclusion, and I helped friends incorporate colors into their style and find outfits that gave them joy and confidence.

Over time I came to realize that my two passions, which I had thought were unrelated, in fact intersect in powerful ways. The way we dress speaks about who we are in the world and shapes how others perceive what we are about. Everywhere I've lived, I saw that our style is also our voice - our sartorial voice.

As I stylist I make use of skills gained in my previous careers as a university professor, UN consultant, and strategic planner for diversity policies: discerning social context and individual values, appreciating the complexity of cultural identities, and helping others to fulfill their personal aspirations.  

Style is both personal and social. Style and substance are two sides of the same coin. 


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