The Wonder Woman Syndrome - beliefs and illusions affecting style and wardrobe

(and how to unleash your wonder-ful potential)

You may or may not have read the controversies that the Wonder Woman movie elicited, involving female empowerment, white privilege, intersectionality, Jewry of color, to name a few (but none concerning her office in the Louvre!). The good news is that the only comment I will make about the movie is that I loved the styling, particularly the protagonist’s black cape.
Instead, this is about the Wonder Woman syndrome that is part of who we, real women, are – the we-can-do-it-all syndrome, that affects our style and our wardrobe, in the form of a limiting belief, and a solution illusion. Let me get to the point.
Limiting belief: As women, we should know how to dress well.
As Wonder Women, not only do we have to excel as professionals, mothers, daughters, friends, wives, philanthropists (to name a few), but we also have to be great cooks, great social agenda managers, and great self-stylists (I have just invented the expression). Double shift? This is more like a quintuple shift. We are empowered women, and we feel compelled to deliver on every front, according to the very powerful social gaze that we, women, have internalized. If we don’t, we somehow feel we are failing. Our psychological economy pays a big price for admitting we need to outsource (that is, help!) – still, we resort to childcare during the working hours, as ubiquity is physically impossible, even if there are still judgmental views about it.
Nowadays, most of previously "only in-house" activities can be outsourced. Yet, women who do not truly enjoy the whole closet business tend to wing it, even if they are not satisfied with the way they are dressing, their closet is cluttered, or their professional appearance falls short in conveying their merits and achievements. I know it is difficult, because clothes are at the crossroads of domesticity and femininity, the very internalized core of what being a woman is (supposed to be). If we can’t do this, we are not wonder women.
So how do we proceed as Wonder Women? With a solution illusion. After all, Wonder Women always envision solutions.
Solution illusion: A shopping spree solves all confidence and wardrobe needs.
Analogously to the way in which Wonder Woman defeats the villain in a final battle, many women feel that they can address once and for all their style issues through an epic shopping excursion that will bring clarity, versatility, sharpness and fabulousness to their every day dressing. Unfortunately, as fun as shopping can be, many times women end up 1) buying along the same grooves of what they already have (are you thinking rut?), 2) following the advice of in-store stylists who while well-intended only have a superficial sense of who these women are, and 3) getting more than they need to.

Un-wonderfully, shopping expenses trample lasting investment. Result? After a lot of spending, same style, more cluttering, no clarity.

Just imagine the Wonder Women potential of overcoming this limiting syndrome! Use your magic lasso of truth and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want an in-wardrobe reinvention to get the most value within what I have?
  • Do I want clarity about what looks sharp and great, and signals who I am and what I am about?
  • Do I want to unclutter my closet and keep only what makes me feel confident and polished, and donate the rest?
  • Do I want to have less, shop surgically and have best?
  • Do I deserve to give myself a break? 

If the answer is a convinced lasso yes, unleashing a universe of confidence, lightness, clarity, and radiant style is a twirling email away.
To be Wonder Women, it takes a village.
Well… an island.

Your fellow amazon,

PS: Share widely with the Wonder Women in your life!