Tips to Look and Feel Fabulous for Holiday Events

Hello Wonderful Women out there, and welcome to my GoodFitStyle blog!

You must be immersed in full mode holiday season, with many dinners, open houses, and parties lined up, with friends, colleagues, family… It is overwhelming! I am sure you have been wondering about how to go about outfits for each occasion.

Here are some tips to look fabulous, be yourself, and make dressing up easy.

1.     Style is in the details. This is the golden rule. Be subtle and choose at most two items that stand out in design, color, or material. Your outfit should be harmonious and smooth to the eyes. Less is more, particularly in work-related events.

2.   Focus on your best features. It is no secret that we all have features we like the most, and other we like less... or even dislike. Choose an outfit that accentuates what you most like about your body and conceals what you like less. You do not have to wear dresses if they do not suit your body! When you dress to flatter your best features, you carry yourself with confidence and you look ten times more fabulous.

3.     Accessorize. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, scarfs, shoes, bags dress up or down any outfit, and they can do ‘fine tuning’. Choose according to the type of event – if work-related, do not overdo it (remember less is more --- elegant); if friend/family-related, you can go a notch up to make it more fun.

4.    Hairstyle and make-up. Hair, face and nails require some attention to polish your look. You can never go wrong with natural and subtle. When in doubt, tone it down. If you have a party with friends and family, you can be more daring and make a style statement with hairdo, make-up and nails. It is also about having fun!

5.      Wear it in good health. This Middle Eastern saying is my golden rule for women. To have good health, we have to think health. Choose an outfit that is gentle to your body – if you have back problems, do not wear high heels; if you get cold, pick clothes that will keep you warm. It is not worth it to suffer the next day; there are many options to look fabulous and take care of your body at the same time.     


I hear some reactions already. “But Mara, choose choose choose!”. Yes, choose. Style is not cookie-cutter. It is personal: it has to do with who and how you are, and the type of event you are attending. Choose and tailor accordingly. Look Good. Feel Good.

It is about a Good Fit Style.

Happy End of the Year and better beginning of 2016.